1.Today being Sunday 2/05/2021 at about 1630HRS, Operatives attached to the Command’s Monitoring Unit while on aggressive stop and search duty at Bakari, a border village between Oyo and Ogun have recorded yet another breakthrough in the fight against crime and criminality.


  1. The suspect spotted the tactical officers while performing their routine

intelligence driven checks  from a far before immediately turning his Bajaj Motorcycle to flee.


  1. In swift response, the Tactical operatives engaged in hot pursuit after the fleeing suspect, into the pathways leading into the a nearby forest. An action that led to a sack falling off the back of his bajaj Motorcycle. A cursory look into the content of the sack revealed it was an AK-47 Riffle with breech number 353913.


4.Comprehensive investigations are ongoing not only to apprehend the suspect but as well crack down his criminal network and supply chain.


5.The Commissioner of Police, Oyo State Police Command, CP Ngozi Onadeko fdc, enjoins the good people of the state to partner with the Police in terms of sharing credible and timely information valuable in curbing criminality and birthing a peaceful Oyo State of our collective dreams.

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