in his press release to xpointnews through his media aid Hon. Yusuf oladeni Adebisi he said “I wish to state with much enthusiasm that I am happy to felicitate with journalists in Nigeria especially in Oyo State on this special day.

The occasion of “World Press Freedom Day” has called for a review of the Press in relations with the Media owners, the society and critical stakeholders.

The media in Nigeria has experienced lack of enough fund, unpaid salaries and allowances, harassment, premature killings, unfulfilled pledges and unfriendly working environment occasioned by failure of the government and some media owners to accord practitioners necessary respects to discharge their constitutional duties.

The cliché that distinguishes, the media as, “The Fourth Estate of the Realm” manifests only in theory rather than practice. No justification can account for under funding of the media no matter the circumstance.

I also want to appeal to all government at all tiers to give a level play ground to media practitioners in discharging their duty without gagging them.

Nigeria journalist deserve more freedom , fair hearing and proper funding because my closeness with some of the practitioners on the field have shown that journalists deserve a better welfare condition.

I equally want to reiterate that I shall welcome any idea that may be turn into motions and bills that may aide their practice in the state”.

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