Following the report on the Nation’s newspaper today by the Ogun state government stating that massive constructions of road infrastructure are ongoing across Ado/Odo-Ota local government. The report quoted the Ogun state governor as saying;

I also want to assure all our people that no parts of the state will be neglected in our infrastructural development agenda. In Ogun West, there are various road construction and rehabilitation that are on-going and some are nearing completion. These include, but not limited to Imeko-Afon-Agbede-Iwoye Road; Koro Otun–Itele Road, Ado-Odo/Ota; Empire Ground Road, Ilaro and  Ota Owode Idiroko Road.Others are Igbesa-Ejira Road; Papalanto-Ilaro Yewa Frontier Hotel Road and Sango-Joju Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway.

The public and other interest the state government and it’s superficial report intend to patronize should note that the above statement is evidently an imaginary stance of the state government which lacks in it’s entirety a corresponding truth.

I personally plied the Koro-Otun Itele road road this morning looming through its despicable state. Thus; the illustration as used in the report are nothing but an illusory thought of the minds behind the report.

The appropriate description of the state of the road in Ado/Odo-Ota local government shows that; the road infrastructure are utterly despicable, and government has manifestly shown indifference to it’s rehabilitation, reconstruction, and complete construction as some cases demands.

Kindly note that, only one road; Joju minor/link road, is currently under construction, while another one; Atan-Agbara road was recently flagged off in what turned out to become a mega flag-out, grand political campaign, and flag-off of future political ambitions.

The other roads are terrible, some are failed, and most are deserted. The Koro-Otun Itele road being mentioned in the report fits aptly in the last category, and it remain so till the date of this report without a wheelbarrow or shovel in sight.

The current Ogun state government has now gone far beyond failure. It is now dementia, contradicting it’s own reality inexcusably. The attempt to foist on the people a false impression that this government is working on its promises cannot stand. The only solution to this is to repent and follow the part of the righteous.

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