June 23, 2021



Tinubu Is Not Fit To Rule – Bode George

A chieftain of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ), Olabode George, has stated that  the former governor of lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not fit to rule the good people of nigeria looking at his personality and past record

Speaking with Arise news on their morning show in lagos  Bode George said there are better candidate who has good intention for people of  Nigeria ,reacting to personality of the former Lagos state governor he said  “Bola Tinubu is an ‘Emperor’, God bless you if you are not part of his own line. You know what happened in the last election. Have you ever heard anywhere in the world where you have a bullion van on the day of Election ?

“Were they carrying food to his house? He was not arrested, he was not cocooned, he was not containerized and taken to the cooler.

“These are not things he had done in the dark. Openly. So, why are you saying Bode George is this and all that, it is absolute nonsense,” he said.

Bode George further added that the allegation of alpha beta still need to be investigated as there evidence that shows he has been looting the treasury of the lagos government he said’ “The former managing director  of Alpha Beta himself stated black and white how they have been siphoning the money of the lagos  treasury…let him take me to court.

“We will go there, I will say my own and the papers will be there and let him defend himself. First of all, we want the original certificate of the University he claims he attended and exactly what is his own real name.

“Look, you want to get a clown to be your head, what you would breed would be a pool of clowns. We need people and there are people in this country. I am ready if he wants to take me to court.

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